Today there are many books, trainings on the development of femininity and how to become feminine, in which the idea is imposed that the ladies lack this feature. Thus, a problem is artificially imposed on women, which is hardly a problem for the majority of women. In these books, stereotypical thinking is imposed: to be feminine, a woman must behave according to the prescribed rules. Must look a peculiar look, wear certain clothes, have the prescribed manners. If you do not fit into this set of prohibitions, laws, then there is no femininity.

This woman’s personal story is intriguing: for several years she was a leader in a large company in Latvia, and once Inta left a successful, well-paid position and looked down at her feminine quest. A woman enrolled in psychology interested in spiritual development, he began conducting femininity seminars, various women’s energy disclosure practices, the development of women’s camps, which at the same time gather more than 150 participants, as well as Inta’s individual consultations are planned for the years ahead.

Uncertain popularity and success in Latvia also reached 16 thousand. The book “Woman Power”, published recently by the author and published in Lithuanian, is published. The feminist movements in the world fought for the rights of women with men, but women did not even feel that they eventually became men with skirts. Therefore, they are now looking for their femininity, their feminine nature and ways of its disclosure.

So, welcome you to the blog site. Agree, the woman was created with a wonderful gift – femininity. Thanks to which it can be different: charming, delicate, elegant, confident, extraordinary. During the day, she has to play, changing and adjusting to many feminine roles: to be a mother, wife, worker, friend, socialite. How can she not lose her femininity in all these roles, which is worth remembering?

Became free, but unlucky? This race of races and achievements, the movement towards the future, the goal and the absence here and now, the lack of communication with your body is a serious obstacle to femininity. As a result of the feminist movement, women are now socially free, but when they have the same rights, they still do not feel alone as a woman. Yes, the possibility of self-realization at work increased, but the self-perception of women often decreased, as women began to follow the principles that dominate men, such as competition, in their lives.

We believe that all women know what is required of them to look feminine. We believe that all women have this feature. Just not everyone knows how to open it. Therefore, a few simple reminders will help release your femininity, rather than inventing a non-existent problem for yourself, as if you have no femininity.

Often it has become a competition with men. We are more connected with things, achievements, results, long actions. We work five days a week, and on Saturday and Sunday we rest, and this seems to us a normal life. But in such a life, women have nowhere to turn. This race of races and achievements, the movement towards the future, the purpose and absence here and now, the lack of communication with your body is a serious obstacle to femininity. Andrew and her husband, Rimwaydas Tsijiunas, the seminars are delivered, the visit to the female portrait is very diverse – from curious girls looking for an impressive career, women are the perpetrators, and the heads of companies or owners.

Internal qualities and manners relate to the development of femininity. And to become it, you should think about the external parameters. Then external changes will necessarily entail internal changes.

Place accents on your appearance.
Makeup. You probably remember that men, above all, fall in love and love with their eyes. Therefore, you need your face, eyebrows, eyes to reflect and fill the feminine image in front of their eyes. This can be done with the help of properly selected makeup. Check with makeup artists to help you find the right tools for applying day or evening makeup. Also help you to choose your individual style. Pick something that suits you well. What emphasizes and reflects your individual beauty. (Find out, )

Often, women come to lectures that are very active in monotonous work, which requires only the left hemisphere of the brain and that lack self-realization as a woman. Some of them are so overworked and tired that they especially need to give up their feminine inner nature. All other women in the workplace are doing well, but there must be improvement in relationships.

Every year the Women’s Magical School – nine months of classes – ends from 20 to 40 women. In total, the school offers three-year training, which was completed after about nine decades by women over nine years. Such enthusiasts neither time nor money are an obstacle.

Clothing. To become feminine, you need to look like a woman. Things should be not just comfortable, but also emphasize your femininity, for example, skirts, dresses, sundresses, women’s suits and all sorts of accessories. It gives her an individual charm. When the lady on a beautiful women’s dress she already feels a little different. Wearing a beautiful dress, blouse, heels is hard and ridiculous to behave like a peasant: to speak rudely, abruptly, sharply. I want to be soft, elegant, gentle.

Live your life, not the lives of other people. Pabarchyute is convinced that any investment in self-knowledge always pays off. If you know yourself – live your life, if you do not know yourself, you live the life of another person. And the story of a celebrity shows that millions can hold, you can buy a lot of things to invest a lot, but if you do not live your life, there is everything, not only yourself, and you may be on the death line.

According to the founder of the Women’s Magical School, the main talent of the woman is love, body and intuition, in which she inspires herself, her husband and others. When you do not understand the depth of knowledge of femininity, you see that women have unique talents and abilities. Not only softness and softness, love, which we used to understand as a good relationship. Pabarchute. – In Lithuania, there is no developed hedonistic philosophy, therefore joys and self-love, self-care are understood as crying, i.e. something wrong and pitiable.

Try to dress more diversely, change styles more often, each of which distinguishes one or another of your virtues. To look more feminine it’s worth refusing or minimizing trousers, especially baggy, torn. Also walk less in sportswear.

Heels. Men really like women’s shoes with heels. Therefore, be sure to in your wardrobe provide for several pairs of shoes with a neat elegant heels. It is noticed that the lady gets more male attention when she is in heels and not in sneakers. Since they emphasize the slimness and beauty of female legs.

And in fact, you can feel kindly on a regular basis 24 hours a day and do not need a special holiday. This is a quality in which a woman can live permanently. Many of my teaching women, who have become my own masters of time and life, have felt that their business and personal life have become more occupied with them.

People, as a rule, do not do this, they are exhausted, compete and think – to immediately take care of everything, and then stop and rest, but also stops. Women can find peace and quiet inside. You are the cause of all events. When you become aware of the chaos of life around you stops and be able to influence it. Otherwise, life affects you. The founder of the magic school of women noticed that women in modern society perceive themselves to interfere with identification with obligations imposed by social roles that often get stuck: I see that, for example, a woman in the head office and at home with her husband is the head and the head of the children.

Another relatively simple way to become more feminine for yourself that you can use is to stick with bright colors.

Color spectrum.
Fabrics emphasizing femininity are, above all, pastel shades and all shades of green or pink. These should be fabrics that are easily draped, I want to touch them. Which have flowing texture: chiffon, satin, velvet, lace, silk, knitwear and cotton. In dresses made of these materials, a woman looks more feminine than in clothes made of wool, drape, or some kind of hard fabric. Pick clothes, accessories with bright colors.

Then nature remains somewhere on the edge. Once she closed the door of an unsolicited labor and went to look for something new. The strength and attractiveness of a woman lies in her diversity. The lecturer is convinced that women, in particular, should not work with them, but love themselves.

His main message for women is simple: to know your nature, stop doing yourself harm that you don’t like, and start doing what you want. We, women in the subconscious, have a lot in common with children’s programs that we have to do in our lives. Then we catch up with them, we do this until we are finally convinced that we are unhappy, ”says Raine. There are many women who complain, bow and dance like a puppy in a cave, but are afraid to stick their nose out of it. As Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes in her book Run with the Wolves, if you are afraid of wolves, it will not go into the forest, but life will not begin.

It does not have to be expensive jewelry. It may be ordinary jewelry, scarves, stoles, caps, watches, handbags. The main thing is that it is in harmony with the chosen color scale of clothes. Pearl blends well with pastel and pink tones (artificial or real). It gives a certain charm to the romantic femininity, innocence. Whereas a large number of gold products looks vulgar. (Read,).

Growing and exchanging a woman is possible only if she wants. Life changes only in practice – no courses, seminars or books will change it. If you do not change anything in your life, you will not gain knowledge in practice. There are already quite a few women surrounded by Hydrei who dare to change – they don’t like to work from heart to communicate with men, who, by the way, are more than satisfied with their well-meaning, more relaxed partners. When a woman leaves uninteresting work, the existing family model changes – men take on greater responsibility for the financial well-being of the family, and they themselves begin to work more.

How to develop femininity
Learn to love yourself.
This is especially true for housewives and sportswomen who, forgetting about themselves, live the lives of children, husband, are busy with housekeeping or sports achievements. Because of all this, they miss the opportunity to take care of their femininity. To do makeup, hair styling, select colors, accessories, properly serve yourself. Since for all this there is no time. Therefore, the development of femininity should begin with the love of self.

However, it happens that if a woman finds a family, stand out. A woman chooses a man depending on who she is at the moment, and if her husband grows and develops, he stays in place and does not grow himself, the couple no longer have common points of contact, so they turn differently, explains Raine. A strong woman attracts a weak person and vice versa. If a woman is smart, she will help her grow and take on the responsibility required by the new family model.

Their nature is a woman, they were born in the body of a woman, so they got the opportunity to become a woman. And as women become more and more like men, they begin to resist, ”explains the lecturer, who pursues linguistic science, adding that male characteristics exhaust a woman over time. Balinskaya says that her lectures are often accompanied by women who feel that they live in their own way for a long time: I have a career, growing children, or rather, children are now being raised in kindergartens.

Stop looking for often contrived flaws. Making some mistakes, learn to forgive yourself. Why not forget negative thoughts, learn to be more positive, laughing at yourself and your mistakes? Then the people around you will find you pleasant, wonderful and kind.

Self-love animates a woman, prompting her to take care of herself. When you look at your reflection in the mirror, you can see a woman,, charm. Thereby charging yourself with powerful positive emotions, especially in the winter. This causes the desire to care for their skin, face, to slap themselves, to become more sensitive, to show softness to others. To do what was lost behind all the surrounding ordinariness and everyday worries. This will again allow you to feel your feminine principle, and not just be a “woman” who can do everything.

The public encourages women to return to work as soon as possible, encouraging the public to a good workforce. But society does not have a woman to be a good mother, a good wife. This woman is not. Well, if you saw the right example in the family, if your mother’s father’s relationship was good. But such families are becoming less and less.

Often, women who come to lectures say that they do not want to repeat the mistakes of their mothers and be like them – divorced, unhappy, blaming men and women who are tired of life. Balinskaya believes that schoolchildren should talk about the differences between women and men, about the differences between their psyche. And it is extremely important that the mental energy of a woman is nine times stronger than her mental energy. If a woman dreams of finding a stronger person than herself, this is from the realm of fantasy.

It can be said that loving oneself is one of the most important reminders for the weaker sex how to develop femininity in oneself.

Learn to show your feminine weakness.
Sometimes allow yourself to be a little weak, thereby giving the man the opportunity to protect you. It is true that our women are able to cope with a burning hut and a galloping horse. Unfortunately, many men quickly get used to it, having ceased to take care of their lady. Because of this, they no longer see femininity in her.

Because such people simply do not exist, they are stronger physically. Just as a woman is stronger mentally and physically, a teacher teaches linguists and adds that because of her mental strength, a woman can quickly turn a person into sober self-sacrifice on the sofa.

The Vedic lecturer is convinced that most of the damage to femininity in recent decades has caused a popular divorce in our country, after which only mothers raise children. Mother, in the end, will do everything to ensure that their children have nothing, therefore, naturally, they had to develop their masculine qualities.

Rather, she becomes a life partner for them, just like them. Able to solve problems, stand up for yourself, do hard work. So do not hesitate to say to a man “it’s hard for me; I’m tired; I can not; help me”. Saying these words gently, without accusations, you give a man a chance to prove himself.

Remember, male nobility largely depends on the ability of a woman to show his helplessness and some dependence on a man. The ability to show how she is amazing, well-groomed, elegant, charming. He knows how to control his facial expressions, play with his eyes, present himself effectively. Then it will be a pleasure to associate with others. (Find useful information in the article on this site)

Balinska thinks: I cannot even mention the example of a famous woman in Lithuania, because we are all very active and show our activities in the outside world, and the actual activity of a woman should take place at home to raise children. Well, what we see is that they descend from this office for ten years, are overwhelmed, and then they want to escape. “True Femininity” encourages consumption.

Solveiga Daugirdayte, Ph.D. in Philosophy, Ph.D.: Call for a return to “true femininity” for patriarchalism. People go to the “learn for themselves” course when it seems to them that they themselves are no longer self-employed, without mentors. She had to do with the fact that certain psychological, behavioral qualities were the result of education, the expectations of society.

Develop your own aesthetic taste.
A visit to all kinds of theatrical productions helps to develop not only your aesthetic taste, but also gives an idea of ​​how to become feminine and attractive to men. For example, in a theater you can peek at the play of artists in the manner of presenting yourself, building your own facial expressions, and the ability to work with your own eyes and lips. The construction of gestures, landing body.

Feminists should be happy: if we think that being a man of the same sex can be learned, then we agree with the assumption that gender behavior is not a gift. Therefore, feminists speak of gender issues as a social construct. But the sad thing is that a person does not learn to be himself if he knows well. The fact that women go to the “open woman” course shows that they do not trust themselves. Modern people, and especially women, are attacked from all sides by the same message as they should be, both physically and spiritually.

A lot of information for the development of your own femininity can be gleaned from watching good films: historical, melodramas (my daughter and I like watching the film version of the BBS classic).

These films show the style of presenting their femininity, the virtues for which men extolled the female gender, committed acts to win their hearts. Having looked at them, one wants to have the same manner of self-serving, the same facial expressions, movements, the ability to keep oneself in society, to carry oneself into this world in different ways – aesthetically and elegantly. For a woman it is very important.

Also attend various exhibitions where you can scoop information for yourself. Listen to beautiful, calm music, which, in fact, is considered the best way to change your mood. It will help you feel soft, happy, calm, free and joyful.

Love your own body.
This is one of the last reminders of how to become more feminine, which we have included in this list. No matter what weight the lady is, the main thing is to make herself like herself. And so positioned herself to the opposite sex, in their eyes to be gentle, loving. Therefore, liberate your own body, taking it regardless of proportions. Learn to love that which is, and not that which is not. You can start going to the dance or just dance a little at home.

Then the body starts to play, and when it plays, then the clothes will look differently on the woman, much better. For men, waist is very important, so it must be correctly emphasized. To do this, you should consider the silhouette of your figure, to know where the belt should be, the belt. If you think you need to lose a little weight, then some exercise, diet can help you cope with this (yes, you yourself know it).

Watch this five-minute video where you will hear two good tips about taking your body.

Work your rhetoric.
Learn to speak smoothly and gently, avoiding harsh words or rudeness. There is no worse than a thunderous, flashy-banging woman at home, especially if she can still be expressed as a “strong wit” It is difficult for such a person to be considered feminine. Whereas, in a soft voice, a lady is able to “grind” any male negative or irritation. Seeing such softness, a man will behave completely differently.

How to be feminine
There are many simple ways and tips about this. It is important that a woman feels comfortable, creating a feminine image in accordance with their preferences. The secret is to do what she loves in life and fashion. This will help her feel much more feminine.

Work on your own style as well as image.
It means finding the image that best conveys your personality or character from a feminine point of view. Pick the color range through this image . The main thing – do not become a clone of some imposed glossy stereotypes. If you feel that this is not your style, accessory or makeup boldly refuse them. You need to feel comfortable in everything, wanting to become feminine.
Women’s movements and manners.
Start moving again like a woman: smoothly, slowly, calmly, gracefully. Avoiding male movements (remember how, in The Office Romance, Akhedzhakova showed the headmist’s gait). Men’s movements, gestures affect their own well-being, internal state. Teach yourself to move like a woman, shaking her hips, as well as gracefully sit down, stand up. Then it’s hard to be a masculine. Avoid commanding, arguing, cursing, competing – these are male manifestations of power. Try to separate yourself from men’s actions, habits, intonations.
This is the final touch of your femininity. When choosing aromas, pay attention to the pleasant, “tasty” smells that create a feeling of freshness.


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