We would like to mention immediately that today’s casual style is very popular and demanded, because casual and casual casual clothing combines things that are

The casual and intelligent casual fashion style that we talk about today has gained popularity in the late twentieth century and is still a safe, new, original and interesting picture for girls and women of all ages and keeps its position.

Casual and casual women’s casual style is chosen not only by the high level, but also by the confident and determined women who want to feel perfectly dressed.

Many women are casual and intelligent random styles, dress styles for hipsters, athletes, creative people and stars, but in fact, casual women’s casual style is versatile to meet the needs of women with many different clothing choices.

Modern casual style is a casual and fun casual dress that you can easily go to with your friends, a club, an informal meeting, or even in the office and the theater.

female style is not accidentally acquainted but you want to experiment with casual clothes to create some interesting imagery in this area, presenting a large collection of patterns and ideas photos on the subject, “Woman’s casual style – stylish and practical clothes for modern women”

In the review of photos, it will be possible to find out how random style of different women will be, as well as pants, jeans, skirts, coats, sweaters and so on.

But before introducing a casual style in a great idea, we would like to introduce you a little information tour.completely completed.
The casual style is characterized by multi-layered sets, simplicity of the image, striking combination of shades, as well as the original combination of classic and unusual clothing elements.

Free, comfortable and at the same time elegant casual style often conflicts with rules and stereotypes, in all cases demonstrates a new look of fashion and practical wardrobe.

Casual style is often referred to as street style, because an informal casual style is an excellent solution for everyday life.

Women’s casual styles are represented by various genres, pants trousers, laconic cuts, simple t-shirts, t-shirts and shirts.

Also, casual dresses include large-sized wool and coats, casual vests and cardigans, fashion pants and hats.

As a rule, the casual style does not require a large number of accessories, and sometimes decorative items are not completely restricted and used in a certain set, then they are in line with fashionable fashion styles.

Nevertheless, the 2019 fashionable fashion promises to surprise fashion designers with new experiments and bring the original jewelry to casual bands, even if the style of such metamorphoses does not accept itself.

It combines casual style and intelligent casual lightweight materials and textures with a rigorous and durable cutting.

For example, you can often sketch a skirt with a lightweight casual style, classic jacket and solid footwear, a trouser plain cut long sweater or shirt oversayz with a long cut shirt and jeans classic shirt and jacket look good with a simple tailor.

loose and volatile and casual and smart casual sometimes contradictory and restrained style Sometimes a subtle hats and scarves, a comfortable sweater, with a set hole, conceals the traditional shape and can podworochennye medium beef, under the skin and ordinary pants, jeans can beat and scuffed.

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Casual styles can be presented with a designer jumpsuit and a sleek T-shirt, a lane dress and a baggy blouse that lasts over the top, loose-fitting sports pants and leather jacket or jacket.

It is characterized by casual style contrasts: girl with various heterosexual jackets with high heels, big bags, giant mass shoes and elegant shoes, handbag designs and neat clutches, straight shirts and bright shadows or eye-catching geometric patterns.

Randomly uses knitwear, leather, denim, suede and other quality materials to play contrasts.

In terms of colors, casual and intelligent casual style offers gray, blue, brown, black, beige, and white women’s sets as before.

But nobody says that fashionable casual style will not allow the original experiments.

Often, you can look very bright and unusual with the combination of random colored combination sets that surprise the unique simplicity and freedom of the look.

Casual style that does not interfere with the movement of easy negligence and silhouettes is an ideal solution for youth trends. We look at everyday sports, so if you talk about casual style variations to break out, all the exercise, casual free, and free kits, eccentric and light defiant Street, casual, eye catching, colorful combinations of styles, as well as sporty wardrobe elements it is advisable to create practical daily images based on gender in tandem.

Yes, this business is a casual, noteworthy business style for entrepreneurs, that is simply indispensable for young and motivated girls, not chasing stereotypes of wardrobe, and prefers democratic simple and free clothing.

The elegant daily routine of your smart agenda is at the peak of popularity, so you can choose stylish, intelligent casual springs and your office cabinet will be irresistible.

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Now part of the fun! As we have already noted, the New Lily Day team has collected the original photo selection for you, our dear readers, and the casual style presented on different fashion stands.

A casual style is something that interests you, but if you do not know what to start, send us your feedback. I wish you good luck!

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