For many fair breeds, Perm has long been a vital necessity. There was only one way to make the hairdressing procedure, but today there are many different types of hair. For this reason, they will be able to do all the coolest hair of different types and lengths to make chemistry.

Advantages of different hair types
Sober and beautiful hair wants every lady to have. Some nature has been magnificent. Nobody should spend time on a daily basis. Perm helps solve many problems. After chemistry, the hair forms a long time and is obedient. If necessary, give perm hairstyle.

Another important advantage of the procedure is also universal. Can chemistry do almost anything? The procedure is not recommended only during the disease and during allergies.

Modern types of long and short hair

Chemical permits are selected depending on various factors: customer desires, body characteristics:

One of the most popular ways is biowave. Most of this procedure is made with ammonia preparations. Therefore, the hair is exposed to minimal risk. That’s why biowaves are often combined with the emphasis or lamination.
Depending on the medium hair, this type of hair will last up to six months. You can make different sized curls as you like.
Radical Chemistry is suitable for women who want to add volume to their hair. During the procedure the ropes are wrapped around the roots, not along the whole length.
The spiral wave looks very original. Its essence is that the Modern hair typescurls are wrapped in a trailer for the first time, and then wrapped around a coil.
Modern hair type – engraving – allows fine curls. This method is very subtle and easy. The hair stays in my head for several months, and then they begin to walk slowly.
The Japanese perm wizard typically uses a specific lipid complex. According to experts, this chemical method is most appropriate for problematic hair follicles.
Alkaline curling allows you to achieve the most natural elastic curls.


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