It is not a mystery for personal appearance of every woman. And it provides not only the opinions of the environment, but also the assurance of a just sex.Therefore, femininity shows itself as a sincere and well- deserved attire .Regardless of age, any woman tries to look honest and elegant.For this reason, many people choose to create their image in the skirts that allow them to emphasize the elegance, the figure of the figure and all its apparent advantages.After all, how to choose a fashion skirt for women 45 Years is a versatile matter.

As a result, you can find your style in both the independent and the specialist’s workshop.

commercially available skirts, large assortment and tissue for their tailoring will allow individuals to emphasize a number and unobtrusively display dignity.

Then, for 45 years, women presented different fashion skirts, shades of different colors. Thus, the most important decision is to choose the right length, which is the element of a woman’s wardrobe, which can reflect the authenticity of her identity and charm.

First of all, you need to consider the stylists’ rules and tricks when creating your personal image. For the selection of fashionable clothing items like glasses (then 45 years for women ).

Stylists and clothing designers should follow the following guidelines:

All 45-year-old women are extremely important to pay attention to the femininity. For this reason, professional councils are calling for a few matching models for different living conditions. For example, elegant and serious skirts for work are very practical and versatile for leisure and recreation.
It is optimal for you to choose the knee length or slightly up and down skirts.
Women’s skirts under the age of 45 are the winners of the clothing sets. They are universal at any time and are very comfortable.
Stopping buying a skirt over dark or pastel shades that are particularly successful in the current fashion season.
We must emphasize the important distinctive features of his figure. In this case, you will need to accurately evaluate your preferences and disadvantages and emphasize visible features. To promote this, skirt style will be presented as a wardrobe material and accessories (such as a belt-like belt and roundabout).
It is advisable to restrict shimmering applications and tissues, to limit chestnut patterns, but to combine spectacular textures and ornaments.
The outfit of the purchased skirt should fit the season of the year. For winter skirts, the most successful and suitable cotton and high quality wool, while the spring and autumn seasons, the products are made of good texture. As for the summer season, fragments made on thin chiffon and linen are called successful.
Actual colors of modern podiums fashion skirts
It should be noted that in any fashion, after the age of 45, the skirts for women should be selected depending on each type . It also focuses on eye and hair color, because the colors in the player are of great importance for the appearance and appearance of the image.

In addition, 42 -year-old women, as well as many bright and colorful shades, should get the most fashionable skirt. Perfectly emphasizes the features of the figure as well as the classic black-and-white skirts , as well as beige, peach, coral and blue players.

Do not lose the density of cats in celebrity fashion houses this season, stylish colors Marsala.

Comfortable and lightweight materials everyday
In everyday life, conditions of life and rest are not only necessary but important, but also protects a charming face . It should be noted that even in such cases, the founder of the dress has presented fashionable skirts for women.

The skirt styles for daily life are typically characterized by maximum comfort and ease of movement and easy access, and the fabrics and materials they make are practical and easy. Additionally, the skirt piece does not require extra or complex care each day.

Among the routine items for skirts that recommend fashion designer, we can distinguish:

For cold season of the year (winter, autumn):

hot sets with fur or long sandy decor;
soft wool models, denim and velvet.
Style specialists recommend hot weather (summer and summer):

satin or silk skirts;
delicate denim models with decorative elements. For example, such skirts will decorate with modern apparatus and interesting draperies for everyday life.
Carefully and accurately, any skirt (taking into account the advantages, taking into consideration the type and number of tissue) will effectively review and complete the entire appearance of a woman.

Modern fashion fashion
After that you have to present the latest fashion skirts for a woman. After years of age, these styles pay attention to the 45- year-long drawbacks and the superior advantages that are of particular concern.

Only Basic advice stylists Modern style skirt – detailed compatibility . This allows you to choose the right part of the dress.

Universal pen skirt.
The name of this model is the speaker. The size of such cuts should be largely selected and explained to many women in a suit of clothing: to combine with formal style, with large shirts.

The classic version of the pen skirts is a black-colored model, which is very conservative and tough. Other remaining colors can be combined with the top in a more comfortable environment.

Pen skirt differs from other styles:

high waist;
silhouette tapering;
characteristic length (up to or below the knee).

Ideally, this skirt looks at women who have a smooth curved and beautiful beard line.

Stylists advise to look closely at the pen skirt, flower patterns . They do not look conservative like classic or monophonic, give the picture lightness.

Great examples and a model in a geometric style (for example, a large cage) are most suitable for women with a refined figure.

  1. Fashionable trapezoid.
    Different feature skirt-trapezium – expanded lower section . The usual length of the foot of this style is the midi length, that is, the knee . Still, these cut stylists have been called a silhouette .

Because the open and wide bottom edge can hold a massive amount of volume, the chestnut skirt with a big hips is more suitable for women.

3) Stylish skirt year.
This style of skirts is as follows:

smooth flow silhouette;
skirt for the skin (at the bottom of the index).
Skirt-year highlights the hip line as far as possible. For older women, this skirt adds femininity and creates the memory of young people , when these skirts are at the peak of popularity among fashion women.

4)Elegant call-skirt.
This style of skirts differs from length and elegance. In addition, the skirt-ring is characterized by a narrow waist and a magnificent piece . Experts in the style of mature women have “midi” or “maxi” length. Thanks to this, you can create a picture for the holiday together with a blouse and an elegant jacket.

5) Maximum comfort – skirt-maxi.
The maximal skirt is recommended for middle and high growth women. It should be noted Maxi length gives maximum comfort, allows the owner and legs to mask shape and shape defects. Maxi skirts can be used at any time of the year, the choice is for seasonal materials only.

Flower and geometric patterns can be accepted in this style.Thus, it should be noted that for women after the age of 45 fashion skirts should be carefully selected for style and style, color and texture tissue.

Office Classical Pen Skirt This season gets stronger, its designers diversify sexy cuts and basques, including all ruffles, prints, ruffles, laces, guitars and satin varieties. Such a skirt is convenient not only for business meetings, but also for walking with the streets of the city. In 2017 it is characterized by approach: we put the favorable ones!

At least this season will be famous skirt-tulips . Special attention paid to such designers skirts with a wide belt or optional belt that can be decorated with decor: zipper, buckles, buttons, hooks, rivets. Read here.

Popat won the popularity of a soft skirt In addition, different lengths, but still these women choose “skirt on the ground”. This skirt is particularly similar to women, and this figure is flexible and elegant. Such models are covered with lightweight, transparent material and fine wool. but also in one of our articles.

_The most popular skirt styles
The most popular styles of the season can be called classic trapes. Particularly suitable is the A-shaped skirts made from intense materials and the coatings that keep them in shape.

A silhouette skirt extends the visual acuity, emphasizing the figure and helping the hips coquettishly wag. The unusual shape of such skirts can be extensive pleats and ruffles (Alexander Wang, Carolina Herrera, Bottega Veneta), and can be compiled with the best traditions of minimalist style, such as Valentino, Michael Kors and Chanel collections.

It is possible with pleating, bright colors and an interesting print to look more tonight to give you extended skirt. Trapezoidal skirts should be selected for high boats, shoes and shoes.

The shaded ships, as well as the shoes, will be visible in a stable wooden heel on a platform made of transparent plastic, one of the main trends of the coming season, which is quite effective for them. The shape of the sketch will be emphasized with the help of a top or shortened jacket-blazer that suits successfully. Thanks to these wardrobe elements, the figure will be more elegant and the walk is lighter and more elegant.

The continuation of the A-Silhouette theme is a slender skirt that is firmly fixed in the waist and opens to the floor or to the knees in a feathered place. Among the most memorable models in this style are Chloe and Lanvy skirts. Flower decorations that highlight the most spectacular romantic mood in this solemn style (Givenchy).

When the colorful skirt prefers, the other elements of the outfit should be as neutral as possible. The perfect addition is a monophonic display, with a high heel.

Black and white strips
The collection of extremely popular trends of the coming season includes a skirtable skirt with striped anchor. Monochrome and gorgeous graphic patterns look great on both the tight mini skirts and the A-silhouette on the midi-skirt on the structure.

Print lines are also capable of watching and breathing wearable work wearing a new life evening scene. Strip is not great but small to choose – an ideal choice will increase the visibility and the average width will hinder the deficiencies in the problem areas. Striped skirts from Prada, Matthew Williamson, Zuhair Murad and Jill Stuart are worthy of special attention.

The skirt is an indispensable element of any skin and profession of the ladies’ wardrobe. Today, the fashion industry offers different skirt styles for any occasion and every taste. But we all know that dresses should not only take into account the figures and personal preferences, but also take into account the age criteria. Look for the basic skirt models for women aged 45-55 years.

Color palette

Of course, when choosing a skirt, we should consider the appearance (eye color, hair) and physical attributes. But Balzac’s age is always the same for all women: avoid bright, shouting and quiet tones or black and white.

This does not mean that the skirts for women aged 45-55 are absolutely boring. You can find skirts from a completely unusual combination of colors and materials and look stylish and feminine. For summer skirts (see) peach, coral & beige are perfect

Skirt – ideal length
A 45-year-old woman can still hold an excellent figure and may sometimes look better than a 20-year-old girl, even though she should refuse her mini length. But this means putting on the max skis.Optimal length of skirt for women over 45 years – in the middle of the knee. Owners of thin legs hold their knees and stretch their length on the knee. If nature does not deprive you of high growth, you can choose and midi (below the knee, above the ankle).

Proper skirt styles

It is more important to define the sketchy shape as attractive and feminine and at the same time conform to its age.

Choose from hot and hottest brilliantly colored and cool pants for summer shoes. In fact, it does not need to be hidden behind the dark, multi-layered things at this age. Stop the choice of beige, cream and natural colors.

It looks elegant with the perfect lighting material. Long skirts, pritalennym top dresses, jackets or jumper look harmonious. Skirts on the ground in the winter are straight and processed from wool or knitwear.

Cutting maxi skirts can conceal the drawbacks of the figure and adapt to women of any height. Generally speaking, preference is given to the choice of heavy dipstones.
Pen skirt with an angled waist will emphasize the elegant curls of the figure and give your femininity feminine.
If you choose a swiveled skirt, prefer not models, but hips, this is a more exciting and luxurious choice.
Choose a top layer for sketchy, year, sun, or rarity to avoid being ridiculous.
Shoes with lower heels (), even though I was able to convert any skirt, just because the image was just a gesture, posture of the woman, the feeling of herself, stretched her legs and became an attractive relief.


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