Women put on make-up for their entire life: they experiment with different colors and products until they have found the right look for themselves. But there is suitable make-up for every stage of life. Who in his twenties still on Smokey Eyes sat, should rethink at least in the forties.

The right eye make-up from 40
Eye-catching make-up and dark, bold colors can make you look older than you really are. Even smile lines around the eyes quickly become worry-lines, if you “set them in the wrong”. Generally, less is more!

Guard eyes thanks to bright eyeshadow
Put on little eyeshadow in light tones and use primer. So the eyeshadow stays where it belongs and does not settle in the eyelid crease. For the daytime is a light gray, for evening you can complement your eye make-up with a darker shade of gray – two different tones last. Even with eyeliner you should keep it discreet: Instead of thick, black lines, you should now emphasize your eyes rather with fine brown eyelids.

Eye-catching eyelashes: That’s how it works
When the lashes get shorter, you should extend your mascara routine by one step: Give your eyelashes extra lash with eyelash curlers. For the best effect, warm the pliers with the hair dryer for a few seconds – but be careful, then test the temperature of the pliers briefly on the wrist so that you do not burn your eyelid. Then tidy, first the neck, then in zigzag movements to the tips. Depending on the desired density and length you can quietly shower several times. A setting spray ensures that your makeup will last even on warmer summer days.

Emphasize your benefits
If you have made-up your eyes, you should refrain from accentuating your lips in addition. Too much color in the face makes you look older quickly. And: get used to emphasizing your merits rather than trying to mend stains. Not only is this much more effective, it also gives you an incredibly good feeling.


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