When the wedding day is approaching, apart from the excitement of the bride One thing every bride must think about That is how exciting it is to not forget to prepare for being a bride. So that you can check yourself completely. Because if it is too slow to prepare Let’s see that the last curve before marriage There are some things that the bride must prepare.

1)Complete the hair color.

      For any bride that had previously done hair color before And accidentally did not continue Until the hair color is dyed, mixed with real hair color Seeing that it's time for you to walk into a hair salon. In order for the hairdresser to dye the hair evenly throughout the head Secretly suggesting that it is best to focus on dyeing, polite tone Like the mahogany brown Chocolate sugar Or will be dark brown Guarantee that every skin color survives

2) Manage oral health care

      Because on the wedding day, the bride must smile and welcome guests all day. In cases where your oral health doesn't have a worrisome story You may do just scaling or bleaching teeth. And the best way should be taken about 1 month before and should not be done too close to the work day Because the color of the tooth may not be in place Makes the photo out unattractive

3)lose weight, tighten the abdomen, the

      subject of "weight" seems to be the story that the bride is most concerned about And because most bridal dresses are a matching dress, it is easy to say that you may have to pay more attention to fit your chest to the hips. So exercise posture Should be the main posture for the abdomen and lower abdomen May be attached with a little upper arm management Make every day Ensure that you will have a beautiful puppet in the perfect wedding dress.

4) Hair removal in various areas.

      On the wedding day, you have to make yourself as much as possible. Especially the unwanted "hairs", including eyebrows, hairs, legs and even armpit hairs Which has various methods of disposal, such as shaving, removal, waxing, laser and hair removal cream, etc. and each method has different advantages - disadvantages Although fur is a natural matter But don't let it become a barrier to the beauty of the bride like us better

5) Choose false eyelashes to be finished.

      The important thing for choosing false eyelashes is that you have to have a clear makeup look. It is strictly prohibited. That will sit on the lashes in the panel He will find that the awning can be caught in vain. Choose a natural style. May be thick, not equal Depends on the selected eye color Please emphasize the naturalness. For you, you will be able to add more eye-catching features.

6) Find a dream bride.

      Actually, motivation matters should not be overlooked. Sometimes we may need to look for a bride model. To bring inspiration for yourself Because everyone still has never had marriage experience before For finding a model That all brides might have to search for information on the internet Find a wedding photo Including the style of the wedding Or can also consult Wedding Planner

7) Good shoes win over half

      Because on the day of the wedding, there is a lot to walk, walk and walk. Can be called almost without sitting at all Shoes are the things that the bride must not overlook. Suggesting that if it is a long skirt covering the floor Will find sneakers to switch Guarantee that no one knows But if a small bride The puppet is not high. Try wearing those irons shoes. Standing comfortably without leg pain Before the work day, you might try some practice, it will be good. 


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