Put a clock in the bathroom
Who does not know this: After showering and brushing your teeth, you realize that the nail polish on a finger needs repair. And then you have to pluck the brow hairs, which have grown over night … and schwups are again ten minutes over. Therefore: put a watch in the bathroom. A watch in the field of vision improves time management and helps focus on the essentials.

  1. No electronics until you leave the house
    Mobile phones and computers are taboo right after getting up – because they take away what we have the least in the morning: time. And nothing is so important that it would not be able to wait until you’re in the office – until lunch time, as far as Facebook & Co. is concerned. Stand-off is also true for the TV: Who needs breakfast TV?

Create a bathroom plan
With more than one person in the household, it makes sense to agree on a fixed morning bathroom plan. So the house peace is maintained. You should also consider which parts of the morning toilet can be moved to the bedrooms, for example: make-up or blow-drying.

  1. Prepare clothes the evening before
    It is as subjective as it is devastating: the feeling of having nothing to wear. What is generally frustrating turns into stress in the morning in front of the wardrobe. Better to pick out the clothes the night before, because you can at least in peace new combinations off and try out the wardrobe. And has one less problem the next morning. Use microfibre towel
    Those who do not want to do without the morning hair wash, but still want to save time, not only resort to the hair dryer, but also to the microfibre towel. Because eighty percent is lost only for freeing the hair of water. That can also take over the microfiber towel. While the hair is well wrapped in it, one can devote oneself to other things. Nice side effect: The hair is less strained.

Do without the straightening iron
The use of the smoothing iron is time consuming and strains the hair. Although more and more specific products counteract this, over a long period iron treated hair still tends to dryness. The solution: a professional keratin treatment. The hair gets structure, smoothness and improved protection for up to six months. The only downer: the price between 300 and 600 francs.

Do not wash hair every day
To start the day with freshly washed hair gives a great feeling of care, but is actually unnecessary and leads to an overactivity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. With a dry shampoo you can delay the hair washing one day – and saves valuable minutes. By the way, hair and scalp are back in balance.
25% by Goldwell
2) Styling Powder Dry Shampoo about 24

Wash only bangs
It’s such a thing with a pony. It is effective, but at the same time somewhat impractical, it fats faster than the rest of the hair. The reason for this is the often greasy forehead. The solution? Just wash the bangs or treat it with dry shampoo. And: Use as few styling products as possible and put them into hair only when really necessary!

Put up long hair
Sometimes, no hair is in the right place, a typical Bad Hair Day. The best way to put it away is by styling the hair to a chignon, for example. Turn the hair into a knot and fix with hairpins. Pluck out a few more highlights and the casual look is ready.

10th gear to the hairdresser
Every morning, problems with getting your hair under control? Then pay a visit to the hairdresser, because either the care and styling products or the cut do not fit. A hairdresser can best judge the situation, give tips on care and styling or, if necessary, with a new, adapted to the hair type cut remedy.

Styling overnight
Hair styling does not necessarily have to take place in the morning, it can often be prepared in the evening. For example, if wild curls are desired for straight hair: plait braids, fix with hairspray and then go to bed. The next morning open the braids – finished is the wavy mane.
1) Diamond Volume Styling Hairspray ca. 5.50 Fr. by Nivea
2) Hair Play Playable Texture ca. 34 Fr. by KMS California
3) Luxurious Volume Full in form Volume-Hairspray ca. 15 Fr. by John Frieda

Choose two-in-one products
You save money, space and time: multifunctional products. Meanwhile, the two-in-one trend has also arrived in the body care, for example in the form of body lotions, which are applied to the damp skin in the shower and then rinsed off again. While multifunctional products are never as effective as specialists.

Weather influences, hormonal changes, heat treatments, but also wrong care can make the hair look dull. Instead of many different products, an intensive treatment by the hairdresser is recommended in such a case. Either by means of a nurturing treatment or a so-called glossing. Transparent or colored as desired, it seals the hair thanks to added care. The result: shiny and catchy hair for several weeks. And in the morning is just peace.

Minimal facial cleansing
Facial cleansing is essential in the mornings and evenings, but the nightly cleansing is significantly more costly than cleaning the skin in the morning. In the evening residues of make-up must be removed, preferably with a cleaning product and a cleaning brush. In the morning, on the other hand, it is “only” a matter of wiping residues of creams that have been applied to skin care overnight. It does not take more than a wet, soft washcloth and warm water. Finally, rinse with cold water, and you’ll wake up a bit faster.

Postpone elaborate to the evening
Everything that does not have to be done in the mornings can be put on the eve. These include products with exposure times such as masks and scrubs. But even shaving or brewing is better for the evening. Thus, the irritated and reddened skin can recover overnight.

Shower briefly and cool
If you do not want to do without the morning shower, you should not keep it too warm and as short as possible. Although warm showers in the cold season are very tempting, but too much and too hot water deprives the skin moisture – and it lacks in the winter anyway. That’s why the skin should be generously creamed after each shower. The only exception: they have been maintained with a two-in-one product already in the shower.

Bright eyeshadow against tired eyes
Dull complexion and tired little eyes? On some days, one hardly dares to leave the house after looking in the mirror. A practical little awake is bright eyeshadow: Just apply a matching tone to the complexion in the inner corner of the eye, and already radiate the eyes, the look is opened, looks fresh and lively.

Minimal make-up
When you make up you quickly lose track of time. It does not take much in the morning to look well-groomed and look good. Quick and easy, if you reduce the make-up to the essentials: Bright lipstick colors make a good mood, rouge provides a fresh complexion, and mascara opens the view.
1) Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking ca. 49 Fr. by Yves Saint Laurent
2) Lipstick Rouge Dior 941 Rouge Cannage ca. 50 Fr. by Dior
3) Powder Blush: Rouge Joues Contraste 86 Discrétion ca. 60 Fr. by Chanel

All-in-One Foundations
One for all: These are the BB and CC Creams. The all-rounders combine day care, sun protection, primer and foundation. CC Creams, Color Correcting Creams, are the evolution of the popular Blemish Balms, better known as BB Creams. They add value by correcting the color of the skin tone with specific color pigments.
1) Tinted moisturizer: Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free approx. 72 Fr. by Laura Mercier
2) CC Cream with anti-aging effect: Total Age Correction CC Cream approx. 100 Fr. by Lancaster

  1. Disposing of make-up products
    A number of beauty products can be diverted very well. This can save a lot of space in make-up. Lipstick, for example, not only ensures radiant color accents on the lips, but also rosy cheeks. The glossy-eyes look can be conjured up with delicately shimmering lip gloss on the eyelids, and mascara brings in addition to a sweeping look and the eyebrows in perfect shape. Just brush off the brush briefly on a Kleenex, so that no lumps form during application. Practical are also the Chubby sticks. Originally launched by Clinique, now copied and reinterpreted by various manufacturers, the make-up sticks combine care and intense color Freshly painted
    It can take a while until the nail polish is dry. And since we like to do without paint on dresses, there is only one thing: Mani and Pédicure move to the early evening. If there’s no other way, you can use quick-drying products. With under and over varnish but never time can be saved! They not only extend their durability, they also strengthen the nails and protect them from discolouration


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