Whether it’s about care or make-up, with these tips you’ll surely do everything right and make sure you look perfect.

Beauty tips for your skin

In the bath water you can super a dash of whole milk. This nourishes the skin and makes it silky and supple
Lemon helps against rough elbows: Just rub half a lemon on your elbows, let it soak in and wash it off. The lemon removes old dander and nourishes the skin. Then cream well
If you apply body lotion, then massage it well, because that stimulates the blood circulation and nourishes the skin additionally
To sleep, it should not be too warm in your room, otherwise the skin dries easily overnight
Adjust your care of the season: When it gets colder again, your skin dries faster and gets cracked, so you need to use richer creams in winter than in summer.

Beauty tips for the face

Always wash your face lukewarm in the morning. Hot water destroys the naturally oily layer of the skin and dries out. The best thing is cold water, it also has the effect of waking you up
To clean your face in the evening, you can use natural products such as coconut oil – this is good for the skin, because no artificial ingredients attack the skin
Goat milk is also a great care for your face. Wear it with a cotton pad on the face and let it move in briefly, then dry off the excess liquid with a towel
Ice helps you to eliminate any kind of swelling and redness, giving your face a fresh kick. Also great: put your moisturizer in the fridge, which provides a cooling sensation on the skin
A lemon can do wonders on your skin. Wash your face with it in the morning or give a few drops on blemishes
The right diet is super important for the skin! Sugars and greasy fast foods are a no go, rather lots of vegetables and foods with saturated fat
To get rid of shiny skin, you should wash your face with black tea and let this move in briefly, which contracts the pores and reduces the shine
Always apply hair spray very carefully, because if you catch your face with it, pimples and impurities can develop
Do not use new care products – otherwise your skin gets mixed up and can not get used to a product
If the skin is bad, make sure that your towel is washed regularly, otherwise you’ll rub bacteria in your face when you dry it off.

Beauty tips for the hair
Long hair is a must for a round face, as short hair makes the face rounder and wider. Long hair on the other hand stretch it visually
If you want to quickly get rid of the color after a tint, you should wash your hair daily with an anti-dandruff shampoo – This dissolves the color particles faster from the hair
Do not rub your hair with the towel to dry it, just lightly press it. Be sure to use a cotton towel
If you have thin hair, you should not use a conditioner. A rinse helps to tame difficult hair and makes it easier to comb
For annoying flying hair, you can just spread some hand cream on your hands and stroke it over the hair very carefully
For dull hair, it helps to wash them with lemon juice. Mix lemon juice with water and do not rinse the juice afterwards
Make-up beauty tips
Your brushes and other beauty accessories should always be clean when you use them. Regular cleaning removes bacteria and prevents pimples and blemishes
Powder lasts longer if you apply it with a foam pad. When applied with a brush powder disappears faster
To make your rouge look natural, you need to keep a few things in mind. Never take too much paint, use a large, soft brush to apply, and apply the paint not only on the cheeks but also back to the temples. Then the whole blend and work well. For best grip you should apply a cream or make-up underneath
Pay attention to the skin tone of the foundation. If you have more yellowish skin, you need a foundation with yellowish tint, if you tend to be red, the other way around
Light accents in pink will make you look prettier and make your face look fresher. So put on pink rouge or pink lip gloss
If your nose seems too wide, make it narrower! Just put some highlighter on the bridge of your nose, it makes you look thinner


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